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Operation Safety Procedures For High And Low Voltage Distribution Units

December 4, 2020

High and low voltage power distribution equipment operation safety procedures for the protection of the operator and maintenance staff in high and low voltage equipment maintenance safety engineer should refer to the following high and low maintenance procedures to reduce the operator and maintenance staff of industrial accidents caused by misunderstanding or negligence, and guarantee the reliable and safe building equipment. First, the power supply and distribution personnel on duty, power distribution, duty personnel must strictly abide by the "employee manual" and regulations. Two, duty personnel, duty personnel must have qualified technical documents, proficiency in this property power supply mode, line and equipment technical performance, and have actual handling accident ability, can mount guard work. To check the following distribution device operation three, distribution device before: 1. all porcelain clean and no crack prevention facilities are intact, doors and windows. 2. screen meter indicator and various devices display normal. 3. bus clean, no debris, good contact, measured bus insulation resistance normal, not less than one trillion euro per thousand volts. 4. bus, transformer two line and ground line should be firmly connected, integrity is not loose, a measure of insulation qualified, two tested should be well grounded. 5. the porcelain bushing of the arrester shall be clean and free of cracks and the wiring and grounding wire will be in good condition. 6. the outer shell of power capacitor should be free from expansion and leakage, and the insulators are intact and fuse well. Four inspection and normal operation of the provisions of 1. every two hours inspection again and make a list of records, including power meter, reactive power meter, voltage meter, current meter, DC screen charging voltage and charging current readings, indoor temperature and temperature of transformer core. 2. regular visits transformer operation, from the sound, taste, temperature and other phenomena to observe whether the transformer is normal. The appearance of the 3. cabinet and the main switch shall be clean. During the inspection, notice whether there is abnormal sound in the cabinet and whether the lamps are in good condition. 4. is the battery pack in the DC battery cabinet adequate, is there a leak, is the charge good?. 5. whether the exhaust fan is running properly or not, the dust net should be cleaned regularly. 6. indoor lighting, emergency lighting and sanitary conditions should be good. Five, safety operation 1., must execute the application system and power outage overhaul system. 2. high voltage cabinet, stop electricity, should fill in the work ticket, operation and check the operation, machinery intact, strict implementation of one person operation, one person guardianship safety work system, according to the work ticket filling procedures for operation. 3. the power distribution attendant should be familiar with the operation rules and procedures of the distribution room cabinet, so that the operation is accurate and correct. 4. the operation of power cut must be carried out from low voltage to high voltage. The operation of the power supply must be done by charging the power from the high voltage side, charging the transformer or line, and then transmitting the power from the high voltage to the low voltage. 5. cleaning and maintenance of the transformer must wear protective equipment, special test pencil is normal, and then cut off the power supply of high voltage and low voltage side of the load, to without electricity, with special energy by relative discharge, then the three-phase short circuit; by more than two people to work, then remove the special wire must designate a person.


6. low voltage cabinet work should pay attention to without electric power capacitor after discharge, after using a special ground line of reliable grounding, and more than two people to enter the field of work. 1. transformer fault trip six, accident, should determine the level of manual pressing operation switch, and the gate was shut, to ensure the normal power supply equipment, after should identify the cause of the malfunction in time, and report to supervisor. 2. low voltage switch trip, should be put into the switch, check no abnormality after transmission switch, sending the switch. 3. when the main switch of low voltage is tripped, the differential switch shall be opened first, check the switch without any exception and try again to send each function to distinguish switch. 4., elevator, fire, clean water pump, sewage pump, equipment building double power failure, should be in the inspection and maintenance since the switch switch, the double power supply knife open,


No power can verify the maintenance (to restore power supply as soon as possible). 5. when the capacitor switch is tripped automatically, it should be checked out immediately. Check and confirm that no abnormal condition or short circuit can be sent. Seven, high and low voltage power distribution room to run the handover program (normal) high voltage distribution room to run the handover program (normal) 1. people need to shift handover inspection before the existing distribution equipment record operation. The 2. successor to fill in succession time, and read the work operation minutes, in order to understand the work situation of high and low voltage power distribution. 3. people together and successors need to shift to check the high and low voltage power distribution equipment, the two sides to understand the current operation situation, he completed the handover. 4. when completed three class distribution operation, engineers need to verify the daily high and low voltage power distribution, as the distribution system of supervision, and arrange the day after the maintenance plan and staff training pointer. Eight, high and low voltage power distribution emergency handling procedures, high and low voltage power distribution emergency handling procedures for the protection of buildings for normal and unified handling of power distribution matters. Formulate emergency procedures, can improve the distribution of the operator level, project manager or chief engineer to be on time for training following processing procedures, in order to reduce the building distribution accidents, enhancing power distribution equipment reliability, achieve high efficiency, low cost and high reliability of service. Nine, high voltage switch cabinet for recording reliability guarantee of building user distribution, the Property Management Company has high requirements in high and low voltage equipment supervision, in each high and low voltage power distribution equipment, has a strict switch record, so that each class distribution operators understand the existing equipment operation situation, past maintenance records, engineers according to the relevant operating records, arrange the normal maintenance plan, in order to reduce the operation or maintenance due to delays caused by power outages, to protect the interests of users. Ten, high and low voltage power distribution room operation handover records in order to safeguard the building power distribution operation and to ensure the safety of the personnel distribution, the development of high and low voltage power distribution operation transfer records, as the engineering and the class operator internal communication bridge, through the relevant records to understand the operation of the daily high and low voltage power distribution room, to ensure the power supply to each can reliably user unit.


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